• Photographer
  • Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

Liam loves life & the emotions that comes with it. He is professional, respectful & will work with you to ensure you receive stunning images of your event.

I've been behind the lens since I was in Primary School.
My Mum would buy me disposable film cameras so that I could take them on every school camp.
I loved being able to share the prints with her & show her what I'd experienced, to tell her stories and let her imagine my adventures all through a set of photos.

Nothing has changed. I'm still a story-teller through and through. It's in my blood.

My style is candid, photographing the scenes around me, but remaining present in the moment.
Being a part of an event is important to me.
I feel that it is crucial to my photos evoking the same emotions that were experienced in the moment that's been captured.

I would love to work with you, if you want to know more, please visit my contact page and get in touch.



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